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Subham Gupta

Hello There!!

Web Designer Here!

My name is Subham Gupta, and I work as a web designer/developer. I will help create your business website which will be responsive,  strategic, convert and align with your goals and vision for your business.

I am located in Siliguri, a town in West Bengal, India. As everyone I also wanted to find a job/work I love and here I am, a professional website designer. My interest is in digital marketing but as it is a vast field and to define my skill deeper I choose web designing.

Key points

  • I have a youtube gaming channel too about 500k+ subscribers.
  • The channel helped me to have a vision for a video and make it a reality.
  • It also helped me to learn how to grab viewers attention with strategic tactics


Every business should be online in this modern time, not only does it just gives an online presence but it also attracts more potential customers while you sleep.


ome of the best converting and strategic websites are made on WordPress. These websites are not only responsive but also secure and trustworthy for customers. Additionally, I can assist you in creating an attractive website that serves various purposes, such as enhancing your portfolio, establishing your brand, promoting your local business, or setting up a personalized online store.


Shopify is an excellent platform for creating top-notch online stores. With my assistance, I will ensure that your online store not only ranks among the best but is also user-friendly. Moreover, the website itself will play a pivotal role in converting your visitors into loyal customers.


Do you want branding which is different from your competitors? The look, feel and experience which just says about your business isn’t it amazing? then you are at the right place. I will help your branding align with your business website.

SEO & Security

A website that doesn’t appear on Google or is unsafe holds no value. Therefore, I will assist you in achieving a high ranking on Google through the implementation of the latest SEO tactics. Furthermore, as your website gains more visitors, ensuring the safety of both your customers and your website from hackers becomes crucial. Hence, having the best security setup is an absolute necessity.


With my maintenance package, you can rest assured that your website will never crash and will always be up and running. Since the website is composed of various plugins and themes, regular updates are necessary. Initially, I offer a free maintenance service for a specific period. However, after that, you have the option to choose a suitable package for ongoing maintenance.

Why you should work with me?

In addition to my web designing/development skills, I have gained valuable expertise as a successful YouTuber. Not only does this broaden my skill set, but it also provides me with a valuable tool that can be utilized in the creation of your upcoming website.

Unlike other Freelancers, I refrain from engaging in negotiations and completing work at any price or cost. In my opinion, being desperate to undertake any work is wasteful. Instead, I prioritize understanding the business vision and objectives for the website before executing them.

What makes you more different is when you love the process of work you are doing, And trust me I love the process of making a website.

I like treating my clients as friends as then we both may feel comfortable and really open up about our vision and align them together.

Everyone Is Different Differently So Am i

There are thousands of Freelancers in the market. Why you should choose me?

My Process Of Working

1    Discussion call

During this Discussion call, my aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, including your vision and the underlying motives for having a website. 

2    Strategy Phase

In phase 2,  I will try to have your taste/look, and feel of the website, by providing you with some similar designs and discussing the structure for implementation.

3    Approval / Revision

Phase 3 is the development process where I will request your approval. If some changes/revision is needed then things will be modified

4    Tutorial & Demo

In the last phase, when the website is ready to function, Clients do tend to know some basic functions to customize their website, So I will provide some video tutorials accordingly.

Some Of My Work


Driving School Website

Woocommerce Website


It was a great experience — so responsive and timely in getting back to me if I have questions or need to make changes. I love his design sense, and his willingness to dig down deep to understand my business and what’s important to me and the people I need to reach. I’m so thankful I found The Way You Want!
Stanis Wilkes
Demilec (USA), LLC
Since having our new website built by The Way You Want, we have seen a 200% increase in the number of online contact forms being filled out and returned to us. Subham worked closely with us to provide a site that met all of the criteria that we were looking for. The end result was a website that is attractive, organized and effective. Thanks to Subham for all of your hard work and support!
Collaborative Practice Attorney
We re-did our website twice in a 12 month period. There was no comparison between the first company and The Way You Want. Professional, Creative, Attentive to Detail, Excellent Communication…If I had contracted with Subham the first time I would not have had to do it twice.
Libby Bell
Associate Director